Well fed = better results

Over the years Muddy and I have learned that musicians generally play better if they are fed and watered on a regular basis, and so have been applying this rule to the builders, working on the extension.

The kettle first goes on at 8am, 3 coffees milk no sugar.  Nick the brick was until recently having 2 sugars in all his drinks, on account of not hearing him say, “No I don’t take sugar thanks.”  As the weather is getting a bit chilly we’ve also discovered that hot rolls improve the general mood.  Rich is a definite bacon and egg man although he switches from coffee to Earl Grey after lunch he’s also extremely partial to yum yums.  Will prefers sausage and egg and Nick is happy with anything although drew the line at Mud’s fried egg and avocado sambams.

The extension is attached to the office so we sort of feel part of the team, although our tastes in radio station do differ.  If at a loose end, we sometimes play Name That Tune with Will, he has no idea we do this, but it stems from his habit of singing along to the wireless loudly with gusto.  It’s quite tricky mind, as Will only ever sings one random line from any given song, bonus points are awarded for guessing correctly over the added din of noisy power tools and cement mixers.  For example Mud just scored big with St Elmo’s fire over an intermittent nail gun – respect.

Biscuits are another good motivator, though avoid anything with marshmallow in it.  Individually wrapped items fare better than loose custard creams as they can withstand even torrential rain and dust/concrete, nor do they go soft if the lid is left off the tin all day.

Once the supplies of bacon, sausage and eggs are depleted we make soup. Both carrot, coriander and ginger and leek and potato have gone down well with a buttered granary bap.

Of course these guys are incredibly active all day, so can eat copious amounts without it affecting their waistlines, I on the other hand, being a more sedentary member of the team am finding that listening to vast amounts of music and writing songs just isn’t that great for calorie burning.

Round three, “To me it makes a lot of sense.”  Rich adds a “Woah yo yo” and Mud’s straight in again with Buffalo Soldier.