This information will neither make or break your Wednesday but …

Computers are wonderful, modern technology saves us hours of needless toil, until they flipping stop working and you start missing deadlines because you’re having to now do multiple hours of afore mentioned toil.
It started with the phone, it’s given me 4 years of almost stress free service but after regularly cooking out at inconvenient moments I purchased a newer model.  Just as I was about to plug it into the computer and boot it up to transfer all the information from the old mobile to the new,  I thought I’d just have a quick look at the suggested procedure and there it stated that it would be best to make sure my computer software was fully up to date.  Fair enough, upon closer inspection I see that there was an available update a whacking great big one of over 5 GB.  As our broadband connection is about equal to the dizzying speeds of 1990’s dial up, I put the phone to one side, and set the upgrade to download overnight. 
This morning I set the new upgrade to install onto the computer, cue 5 hours of hell and meltdown. It became almost funny…. almost.  The computer said ‘no’ to the update but the upgrade wasn’t having any of it and kept repeatedly trying to install itself despite the computer throwing up every excuse it could think of to avoid, what I assumed to be the inevitable.  I assumed wrong and neither would back down, the computer now so hacked off with me that it refuses point blank to go back to the previous version where we were both so happy, so there I was in Catch 22 city.  
After an hour of trying to further negate update-gate I turn to our local computer repair shop and Tom talked me through a hopeful solution.  The update and the computer have now been in peace talks for nearly 2 hours and have reported via a small dialogue box that they should have reached a decision in the next 34 minutes.   Meanwhile the new phone sits gathering dust in a drawer, the old phone has been called back into service so I can try to get this column finished typing with 2 fingers onto a tiny screen.  I appreciate that this information will neither make or break your Wednesday but I felt compelled to share. Marvellous flipping inventions, computers grrr.