Third is my gear of choice …

For the sake of humanity and the world at large, I refrain from driving wherever possible but then Muddy is a brilliant driver, so we’re all lucky that I don’t often need to get behind the wheel.   Mud seems to have eyes in the back of her head and can spot potential hazards a mile off, I’m more like Flash the sloth in the cartoon Zootopia, I don’t catch half the things she does and because of this I tend to drive at a speed I feel will give me time to catch up.  Third is my gear of choice, I think the others are overrated, besides I like the noise.

Imagine my surprise then, when I received a speeding notice through the post.  Initially Mud thought it was hers as the car is registered in her name.  When she realised it was for a journey I’d made to Bristol on my own, she laughed her head off.  You won’t be startled to learn that I wasn’t going very fast, just a little over the limit and I’m virtually certain I’d have been in 3rd gear at the time my speed was recorded.

Instead of taking the 3 points I gladly accepted Avon and Somerset Constabulary’s invitation to attend a speed awareness course, as our friend Charlotte often says, she learns something new every time she goes on one!

Our course took place in a nice country hotel and was jam packed with both offenders and tourists.  I’d heard mixed reviews from various friends so didn’t really know what to expect other than numb bum – having to sit on an uncomfortable chair for four hours.

We had two fantastic speakers John and Selena, who took it turns to take us through the necessary information.  I found the whole thing brilliantly informative and couldn’t believe how much I’d forgotten in the 28 years I’ve been in the road (in third gear), I feel we also all benefited from the dedicated persistence of one of our party, a motorist of advanced years who has driven all over the world since passing her test in 1953 to clarify and discuss absolutely every single key point made throughout the afternoon.

Other than the absence of a nice plate of biscuits, I couldn’t fault the course.  I wouldn’t even complain if it became compulsory for all drivers to attend one every now and then.