‘Mercury retrograde’ causing untold mischief …

I’d never of heard the term ‘Mercury retrograde’ till a few years ago when dear friend Guy Barker explained a bit about this astrological phenomenon, which happens about 3 times a year.  A planet in retrograde looks like it’s moving in reverse, an illusion occurring when a faster moving planet overtakes it, like if you’re on a speedy train going past a slower train it can feel like that slower train is going backwards.  We’re slap bang in the middle of one now.  It started on July 26 and will end on August 18th although there’s a two week revving up/down period either side.

People all over the world for centuries have maintained that during this period, communications breakdown, some experience travel delays or lost items, technology can go haywire, emotions run high possibly leading to anxiety disagreements and misunderstandings of mammoth proportions.  There are websites by the dozen advising you to tread carefully during these three week cycles, try not to make any important decisions or sign any big contracts.  Hold your tongue, don’t take things to heart.

I’ve never knowingly been affected before but genuinely feel I’m being clobbered from all sides by this one like a ticking emotional time bomb and I’m not alone.  Alan the dog seems more restless and proper barky… but then maybe he’s feeding off me… not that I’ve knowingly been barking …although!?

I just put a search for Mercury Retrograde into Twitter – it’s not just me, folks all over the globe are blaming the plodding smallest planet for pretty much everything and in every language, from being late to work, or worse losing their jobs to falling out with their partners and friends or having the worst haircut imaginable.  Much as it’s useful to have an astrological occurrence to pin every bad move you make on, I do believe there’s no smoke without a fire.

From as early as the mid 1700’s the term ‘Mercury retrograde’ has been knocking about astrology circles causing untold mischief, but astronomer Dr. Mark Hammergren of the Adler Planetarium in Chicago takes this modern day superstition with a pinch of salt, questioning if people looked at any twelve month block would these periods in question all be especially catastrophic, or do misinterpreted messages and technical problems occur throughout the year, “when things go wrong and Mercury isn’t in retrograde, we don’t get that hashtag. It’s called Monday.”