” … madam we’ve found your bag.”

After completing the third lap round the baggage carousel  the daunting realisation that our suitcase had somehow not made the short hop from Bristol to Dublin with us began to sink in.

An almost sympathetic woman in lost luggage took our details and a detailed bag description namely ‘big black suitcase with multi-coloured label’.

Dublin is a city in which to have fun and hang out with your mates, instead we headed to Grafton street on a toiletries, trolleys and socks run.

The next day I was straight into rehearsals with the glorious RTE Concert Orchestra conducted by Guy Barker, wearing the same stripy T-shirt, jeans and comfy trainers I’d travelled over in, so it was poor Mud who was left to deal with bag-gate.  As the hours went by with still no word she set off again to Grafton Street to look at replacing my gig clothes.

Amazingly with all the travelling we do it’s never happened before, but then we always pack evenly between 2 suitcases so that, should anything go missing, we’ve both always got something to wear, always that is except on this particular occasion where we’d managed to ensure that every possible necessary item – sheet music for the gig, all our clothes, wash bag, hair bag and contact lenses was in the case that went AWOL.

Sax player Ben Castle said I should tweet about it because businesses don’t like negative press.  So I asked the ‘aer’- line to pretty please help find my bag urgently.  They replied immediately asking me to message them with the reference number, which I did, they wrote back to say they were still looking.

At 7pm the night before the concert, Sharon rings from the airline, “Is your case big and black with a multi – coloured label?”  “Yes – yes it is.” Pause, “Ah we’ve nothing of that description here.”  Thanks.

By 10pm I’d just about finished re-typing out all the lyrics for the show.  I know about 95% of the songs I just never know which 95% it’s going to be.  Sharon rings again at 10pm “I’m away home in a minute but if I find the case before I leave I’ll bring it with me.” Thanks.  Half an hour later a chap calls, “Is your case big and black with a multi-coloured label?”  “Yes – yes it is.” Pause, “Great – madam we’ve found your bag.”