… less than a week till Christmas & not a sprout in the house washed! 

I can’t believe it’s less than a week till Christmas, not a sprout in the house washed!  Due to various circumstances I won’t go in to, there is currently a national shortage of PIR insulation board, you know the stuff that enables the roof, walls and floor to keep us nice and warm, this has resulted in many building schedules across the country drifting somewhat, including ours.  Initially we were confident that everything would be finished by December 23rd now we’re grateful for every bit of progress made.

The builders are working hard and have had to swap and change their order of tasks to accommodate insulate-gate.  The chaps who provided the roof insulation were the only company who would guarantee a delivery… whilst remaining true to their word they failed to inform us that they would only be delivering a handful of boards at any one time.  This miserable dribs and drabs way of business (6 trips in total) has set us back nearly two months, but never mind the roof is finally on – hurrah!

Other things to look forward to before the holidays include getting a heat source, other than the oven, back in the kitchen and possibly a few working lights.  The kitchen is presently lurking somewhere under an inch of dust, which is growing on a daily basis.  Rich and Will the builders are due to finish on Friday evening leaving us 2 days to miraculously remove dust and tidy house ready for the 10 people coming for lunch on Christmas Day.  It could be a job for Challenge Anneka.

Despite things not going to plan the atmosphere in the house is festive and jovial.  Builder Will has a fantastically strong Somerset accent, but hilariously (to me) he thinks I have an exceedingly broad Yorkshire accent.  The other day he kept repeating the words “sponge” and “pudding” and “very good”, whilst I find myself walking about the house uttering “nice” (noy-ss) and “tights” (toyt-sss).

We’re very fortunate to have such great people working with us, everyone on the project has been nothing short of brilliant, even the insulation delivery driver (not his fault).  Which brings me on to you!  I hope you all have a wonderful, warm and peaceful Christmas, surrounded by lovely people, nice food and good telly! May your yuletide dreams come true and whilst I’m at it, a very Happy New Year too x