Is there anything more irritating than losing your purse?

Is there anything more irritating than losing your purse? Well yes, I’m sure there is but it is annoying never the less.  We turned the house upside down looking for Mud’s credit card wallet but in the end gave up.

Funnily enough she was more upset about losing her Travis Perkins trade account card than anything else.

Rather than cancel the cards by phone we decided to walk into town to visit the branch in person, so armed with her passport and a utility bill Mud explained to the lady behind the counter that she needed to cancel her cards.  Alan the dog and I looked on.

The very helpful bank woman took the passport and went through the security checks on her computer, “Thank you Ms Teal.”  Doh!  Wrong passport.

The irony being, many years ago at Heathrow flying to Frankfurt, Mud was refused passage on account of having accidentally picked up her son’s passport instead of her own.  In a bid to stop this EVER happening again we purchased 3 different coloured Passport holders, Mud’s is vibrant pink and mine a tasteful brown but it seems when we were away in Dublin in August I had inadvertently switched them around… probably the stress of losing our suitcase but let’s not go there again.

Anyhow bank lady was able to use Mud’s utility bill, the cards were cancelled all good… or was it.  Popping into a well-known chemist to buy plasters, as you do.  I inserted my card as requested and managed to freeze the till.  Whilst the cashier rebooted her machine, which apparently takes a good half hour, she asked me to try the next one along which I duly did, same thing happened.

Three tills later having successfully broken Boots I headed back into the bank.  Thankfully we saw the same helpful staff member, who took my card and inserted into her machine, she took it out of the machine and rubbed it on her jumper, then on her skirt and then with a special cloth, but to no avail, it still wouldn’t work, only then did it dawn on us that the poor woman had accidentally cancelled my cards as well as Mud’s – completely understandable as we’d given her my passport.

To add insult to injury within minutes of being home, Mud remembered exactly where she’d left her card wallet complete with Travis Perkins Trade card.