Impromptu gatherings are just the best …

Our good friend Amy came to stay for the weekend, she once gave Jeremy Corbyn a marrow you know.  On Saturday, in order for me to hit my 10,000 steps per day, we went for a walk… in the rain – “it’s just liquid sunshine” muttered Amy although hard to hear through parka hood and thick scarf.  Post walk the kettle went on and a text came in from Muddy’s cousin who lives approximately 638 steps away, to say they were going to pop in for a cuppa, minutes later similar message this time from our friends Nina and Fi who also happened to be in the area.

Cousin Clare and crew left about midnight and Nina and Fi went home about midday on Sunday!  Impromptu gatherings are just the best, we made the food stretch, chucking together whatever was in the cupboards and getting creative – I give you pickled onion surprise!  Everybody got on and we laughed till the early hours, topics included the Briggs-Myers personality test which was new to Mud and I but no one else, if you’ve never heard of it either I urge to have a look fascinating stuff.

Also on the chatty agenda, comparing quick and easy ways to cancel a restaurant reservation, “Yes I’m afraid we’re going to have to cancel our table tonight – we’ve just split up, thank you goodbye.” As the wine flowed we attempted handbells for beginners.  Recently I fulfilled a lifelong ambition of owning a set of 20 handbells and had done a few arrangements of popular tunes to amuse and delight guests over the holiday period but we hadn’t really had time to experiment, but I feel there was something for everyone…. Hey Jude, Last Christmas, Theme from Star Wars and Little Donkey all clearly colour co-ordinated and manageable for the non music reader.  We then talked at length about whether or not it was ok to spend so much time writing entertaining rudimentary charts for handbells whilst leaving your other half to do all the cleaning, cooking and making up of beds ahead of afore mentioned visitors arrival.  The evening ended with many rounds of Cards Against Humanity – Fantastic.

The reason we left Glastonbury was to move closer to the motorway for work but what a fantastic bonus to now be closer to friends and family again and have time to enjoy these spontaneous get togethers.