Farewell to Grant

This was our 4th visit to Brighton, but whereas usually we drive there, park at the venue, eat, sing and drive home this trip was purely social.  We were attending a one year old’s birthday party, the yearling in question is actually an independent supermarket called hiSbe.  The brain child of sisters Ruth and Amy Anslow, hiSbe stands for ‘How it SHOULD be.’ They sell a large range of fresh food and groceries – all the stuff you need for a weekly shop, but wherever possible the goods come from local suppliers, and all concerned want to produce healthy sustainable products and at a price that everyone can afford.

Before you all rush out the door – there’s only one branch at the moment and that’s in Brighton – but the Anslows of hiSbe have big ideas so remember the name.

Muddy is in serious cleaning and decoration mode, anything standing still is either polished or sprayed silver or sometimes both.  Alan the dog and I are making an effort to keep moving.

This week we start our annual Christmas tour – The Festive Fiesta.  First stop of the sleigh London, then Exeter, Maidstone, Birmingham, Bristol then we head north for the remaining two shows

A few weeks ago we threw down the gauntlet to the talented folk of Yorkshire and surrounding areas to apply to take part in our Massive Festive Fiesta at The Royal Hall in Harrogate on Thursday 18th December, after many hours of difficult decision making, we are ready to announce the first two successful acts, exciting saxophonist Emma Johnson and accordionist extraordinaire Thomas Hardaker.  This will be a real feel good fest, one which we’re hoping to make an annual event in Harrogate.  Musical director Grant is leaving us after the tour to move back to Australia and we want to give him the best send off possible so the Christmas dates have added good cheer.

Our last concert of the year takes place in the Settle’s beautiful Victoria Hall, pianist Grant Windsor and I played there on Valentines Day and had a brilliant evening, it’s a hidden gem just a few hundred seats with a wonderful atmosphere.   Originally the December show was to be another duo performance but as it’s Grant’s final concert the whole band will be squeezed onto the stage.  There’s a Jing Jing a Ling in the air – This will be a tour to remember.