Back to basics tasty …

The other night we had a bunch of friends over to eat. They are all brilliant fun and the only challenge when we get together is the menu.  One is mainly vegetarian but will eat fish, one will eat fish and meat with 2 feet (thankfully not humans) but can’t tolerate citrus and another is allergic to onions and garlic oh and gluten.  The other 3 will eat pretty much anything.  It made Muddy and I realise that pretty much everything we eat, other than porridge, is full of alliums, but we’re always up for a challenge.

So for nibbles/starters I nicked an idea from our friend Lynn, chop a cucumber into slices and top with cream cheese and smoked salmon, pepper and lemon slices on the side.  Just in case anyone couldn’t eat cucumber we baked a whole camembert and served with bread and wonderful home-made parmesan biscuits as made by friend Nina for those who could and corn tortilla chips for those who couldn’t, well that was the plan.  In reality we forgot to put out the corn chips but there were potato crisps knocking about.

For main course we grilled ribeye and tuna steaks and served with a one pan dish of sautéed potatoes and mushrooms, chili flakes, mixed beans, spinach, roasted pine nuts and grated parmesan, this recipe usually uses gnocchi, but as it contains flour we substituted new potatoes.  That said I have now learned you can purchase gluten free gnocchi.   We made a tomato salad with mozzarella, olives and tons of olive oil and fresh basil, I’d usually add a load of spring onions or red onion, but it was so lovely without that I’d think twice about adding them again.

We also broke our ‘zero corn’ house rule implemented when living in Glastonbury where food waste is recycled, Alan the dog LOVES corn on the cob and once nicked and swallowed a discarded husk from the food bin, animals can’t digest the husks resulting in a very green puppy.  It’s a shame because Tolly the tortoise loves to eat corn on the cob.  Alan was otherwise distracted whilst finished husks were instantly removed from the table and placed directly into the dustbin.

Pudding was a massive fruit salad with mint and gluten free ice cream.  Back to basics tasty – Meat, fish, cheese, fruit, nuts and veg (except alliums) and no messing – Boom.