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Twelve O’Clock Tales Is Here!

Our new album, Twelve O’Clock Tales, accompanied by the wonderful Hallė orchestra launched at The Bridgewater Hall on Saturday 30th April. Conducted by Stephen Bell and arranged by British composer and trumpet maestro Guy Barker and celebrated jazz pianists Grant Windsor and Jason Rebello, Twelve O’Clock Tales’ rich jazz infused repertoire, with songs from Cole Porter, […]

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Clare's Blog

Direct cut is the deepest!

Last year record producer and audiophile Mike Valentine came onto my Radio 2 show with trombonist and bandleader Chris Dean to tell us about their new direct cut album – Big Band spectacular.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term it means recording straight to disc. Having already successfully recorded a classical […]

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Alan Houdini Baggins

As I write Alan the dog is curled up with me on the sofa like butter wouldn’t melt, having spent the last ten minutes tearing round the living room like a thing possessed. Earlier today he made his debut on BBC Radio Cumbria interrupting my telephone interview with the lovely Harry King loudly heralding the […]

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Rhubarb Stalks at Midnight & the Merrie City of Wakefield

Next week we head to the Merrie City of Wakefield where in Medieval times it was said “a right honest man shall fare well for two pence a meal.”  Times have changed although I am led to believe you can still enjoy a tasty five piece cooked breakfast for just £2.50 at the Othello Cafe […]

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Booming Bittons

As an unabashed amateur twitcher I’m thrilled to report a family of bull finches have been spotted several times this week eating at the bird table.  The head of the brood, named Atticus, is a stunning specimen, super bright colours and fat enough to pop.  Apparently bull finches are quite shy and don’t venture in […]

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