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Swing’s The Thing

We’re swinging into 2018 with the ‘Swing’s The Thing’.  This brand new show sees Clare and her excellent musicians effortlessly traverse a rich landscape of timeless and sparkling material, with standards from the grand masters of the Great American Song Book, Cole Porter & Rodgers & Hart, to witty urbane song stylists of the 50’s […]

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Clare's Blog

‘A Plasterer in Paris’…

It’s a big day today for our ongoing, “it’ll all be done by Christmas” building project.  For months we’ve heard lists of things that can or can’t be done before or after the screeders.  I have pictured the screeders as being like magical characters from a Harry Potter book, ancient and bit worldy wise. In […]

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This information will neither make or break your Wednesday but …

Computers are wonderful, modern technology saves us hours of needless toil, until they flipping stop working and you start missing deadlines because you’re having to now do multiple hours of afore mentioned toil. It started with the phone, it’s given me 4 years of almost stress free service but after regularly cooking out at inconvenient […]

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Impromptu gatherings are just the best …

Our good friend Amy came to stay for the weekend, she once gave Jeremy Corbyn a marrow you know.  On Saturday, in order for me to hit my 10,000 steps per day, we went for a walk… in the rain – “it’s just liquid sunshine” muttered Amy although hard to hear through parka hood and […]

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